Friday, December 2, 2011

Support Our Troops!

Check out this link to see how you can support those spending their Holidays over seas! We love to find ways to give back, especially when to the troops.

Happy Holidays!

We're back to writing....

Our apologies...we got so tied up in reopening and all of that, that we have totally forgotten about our blog. We are on Facebook all the time and send our Emails regularly, but that's no excuse to ignore our bloggers.

So we officially mark today as the 1st day of blogging...AGAIN :)


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Monday, November 29, 2010

Create Family Fun This Holiday!

We love the new trend of families getting back to the basics...spending time with family and friends. This often means family game night! What a great idea and how fun it can be. Kids and adults of all ages find themselves laughing, relaxing, learning and more. We are all pulled in way to many directions and with the holidays quickly approaching, it will only get worse. Poopsie's hopes you will remember to step back and take some time to slow down and enjoy the loved ones around you. Pull out an old classic or pick up a brand new game, either way, enjoy every moment!

Can't think of what to give someone this holiday season? Why not pick out a new game they can share with their family and friends for many laughs to come.